The First Sun

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The First Sun

نویسنده/ مترجم:Mindi Hope
مشخصات ظاهری:رقعی، چاپ سیاه و سفید
زبان کتاب:انگلیسی


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کتاب The First Sun

کتاب The First Sun اثر Mindi Hope زبان اصلی

He promised himself he’d stay away from her. She has to convince him she wants him to.

Abilene Sullivan’s art studio is thriving. With celebrity endorsements and national media attention, she’s finally emerged from the dark fog that surrounded her after that awful night when she was fourteen, the night of the fire that killed her beloved friend, Mona.

When she’s called back home for her twin brothers’ wedding, Abby’s first thoughts are of him. She’s avoided him for eighteen years. He’s the only person who knows the truth about what really happened, the one who helped her start that fire, David McCann. What he doesn’t know is everything that happened to her after that night.

David promised himself he’d stay away from Abby when she returned home. He chased her for ten years after the fire. She always managed to keep herself a few inches outside his reach. He’s past all that now. He’s over her. Or, at least, that’s what he tells himself. But when his obsessive ex-girlfriend, Nan, suddenly turns her focus to Abby, everything changes. Forced to set aside the years of anger and hurt, David moves into the guesthouse with Abby to keep her safe from Nan. How the hell is he supposed to pretend he doesn’t love her when he can smell her vanilla shampoo from where she sleeps?

When Nan threatens to stop at nothing to keep them apart, the couple must finally face the feelings they left behind, the vow that destroyed them, and the secrets buried on Sullivan Farm.


About the author

Mindi Hope resides in a small town in the heart of middle America. Somehow, her husband convinced her they should build a home in a former crop field, despite that she had adamantly insisted she would never live in ‘the middle of nowhere.’ Having spent most of her life working in the field of criminal justice, when Mindi began writing, she expected to produce a suspense novel heavily based on police procedure. Instead, she fell in love with shaping the complicated dynamics of family relationships and love. In the end, while she was writing to make readers fall in love with the characters, she fell in love with writing romance. In Mindi’s free time, she enjoys traveling with her daughter, gardening, and reading, of course. To learn more about Mindi, visit her website. She’s restricted from typing it here, but if you enter authormindihope followed by “.com,” I bet you’d find it.


خرید کتاب The First Sun

هم اکنون می‌توانید برای خرید کتاب The First Sun اثر Mindi Hope زبان اصلی از فروشگاه اینترنتی کتاب روز اقدام کنید و در اسرع وقت کتاب را درب منزل خود تحویل بگیرید. همچنین سایر کتاب‌های مورد نیاز شما نیز در بانک کتاب روز قابل سفارش است.

نویسنده/مترجم:Mindi Hope
سال چاپ:2024
زبان کتاب:انگلیسی
جلد کتاب:شومیز (جلد نرم)
قطع کتاب:سایز رقعی
رنگ صفحات:چاپ سیاه و سفید
نوع کاغذ:کاغذ تحریر

کتاب روز همواره تلاش نموده با همکاری مشاورین و اساتید بنام شرایط خرید کتاب و امکان مشاوره برای انتخاب بهترین کتاب‌ها را برای شما بازدید کننده محترم فراهم نماید. اگر کتاب خاصی مدنظر شما است که در سایت نتوانستید آن را بیابید به راحتی از طریق شماره‌های دفتر، واتس آپ و یا فرم درخواست کتاب آن را ثبت کنید.

مشخصات کلی
وزن600 گرم

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در این قسمت نمونه صفحاتی از کتاب به صورت فایل pdf برای مقایسه و بررسی بهتر قرار می‌گیرد که می‌توانید از طریق لینک زیر دانلود نمایید. لازم به ذکر است برای حفظ حقوق مولفین و ناشرین عزیز به هیچ عنوان pdf کامل کتاب در این سایت منتشر نخواهد شد. امیدواریم شما بازدید کننده محترم نیز برای احترام به حقوق این عزیزان نسخه اصلی و فیزیکی کتاب که از طریق همین سایت یا سایر فروشندگان معتبر قابل خرید است را تهیه نمایید. با تشکر

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