One Year After You

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One Year After You

نویسنده/ مترجم:Shari Low
مشخصات ظاهری:رقعی، چاپ سیاه و سفید
زبان کتاب:انگلیسی


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کتاب One Year After You

کتاب One Year After You اثر Shari Low زبان اصلی

Brand NEW for 2024 from the fabulous Shari Low.

After the #1 bestseller One Day with You, comes One Year After You

Twenty-four hours. Four shocking secrets. One tumultuous tale of love, loss and second chances.

One year ago today, Tress Walker’s husband was killed in a car accident, on a trip with his secret mistress whilst Tress gave birth to their son. But as time moves on, Tress has to choose whether to protect her fragile heart or open it to love again.

Noah Clark was equally devastated to discover his wife and his best friend were having an affair. Now the love of his life is asking for a second chance. But can there ever be a way back once the trust is broken?

For forty years, the fabulous Odette Devine has been a beloved actress on a Scottish TV show. Today she is broken, betrayed, and desperate to find out if this is her payback for a lie she told four decades ago. Noah’s sister Keli Clark has recently been ghosted by the man she loves. When a message from a complete stranger reveals the reason why, Keli will have to decide whether to forgive, forget, or make sure he pays.

Praise for Shari Low

‘I’d forgotten how enjoyable it is to read a Shari Low book but My One Month Marriage reminded me of the fun to be had in her words…funny, warm and insightful’ Dorothy Koomson

‘Great fun from start to finish’ Jenny Colgan

‘There are only two words for Shari Low: utterly hilarious. I laughed like a drain’ Carmen Reid

‘One of the funniest books I’ve ever read!’ Marisa Mackle

‘More fun than a girl’s night out!’OK! Magazine

‘A brilliant, light comical read with some fabulous twists and turns’ Bookbag

‘A thrilling page turner that grabs your attention from the off. Highly recommended’ The Sun

‘Totally captivating and it felt like I’d lost a new best friend when it came to the end’ Closer Magazine

‘Touching stuff’ **Heat **


About the author

*No1 Best Selling Author* In January 2001, Shari Low’s Low’s first novel, What If? was published. Since then, Shari has published over 35 books, and sold over two million copies around the globe, hitting the best seller charts in many countries including UK, USA, Canada, Germany and Australia. In 2023, she had two consecutive #1 best sellers – One Day With You and One Moment in Time. In late 2020, her first novel, What If?, was updated and re-published, followed by the sequels What Now? and What Next?. All three novels became international best sellers. Shari has also co-written three Hollywood thrillers, The Rise, The Catch and The Fall, with LA-based TV presenter and actor Ross King. In real life, once upon a time she met a guy, got engaged after a week, and thirty-something years later she lives near Glasgow with her husband and a labradoodle. Her children have now grown and scattered across the world, so she spends an inordinate amount of time on video calls and aeroplanes.


خرید کتاب One Year After You

هم اکنون می‌توانید برای خرید کتاب One Year After You اثر Shari Low زبان اصلی از فروشگاه اینترنتی کتاب روز اقدام کنید و در اسرع وقت کتاب را درب منزل خود تحویل بگیرید. همچنین سایر کتاب‌های مورد نیاز شما نیز در بانک کتاب روز قابل سفارش است.

نویسنده/مترجم:Shari Low
سال چاپ:2024
زبان کتاب:انگلیسی
جلد کتاب:شومیز (جلد نرم)
قطع کتاب:سایز رقعی
رنگ صفحات:چاپ سیاه و سفید
نوع کاغذ:کاغذ تحریر

کتاب روز همواره تلاش نموده با همکاری مشاورین و اساتید بنام شرایط خرید کتاب و امکان مشاوره برای انتخاب بهترین کتاب‌ها را برای شما بازدید کننده محترم فراهم نماید. اگر کتاب خاصی مدنظر شما است که در سایت نتوانستید آن را بیابید به راحتی از طریق شماره‌های دفتر، واتس آپ و یا فرم درخواست کتاب آن را ثبت کنید.

مشخصات کلی
وزن600 گرم

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