An imminent Threat

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An imminent Threat

نویسنده/ مترجم:John Etterlee
مشخصات ظاهری:رقعی، چاپ سیاه و سفید
زبان کتاب:انگلیسی


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کتاب An imminent Threat

کتاب An imminent Threat اثر John Etterlee زبان اصلی

“This book was hard to put down. Highly recommended!” —Aurora Book Reading

A Delta operator and his team race against time to stop a terror network from detonating dirty bombs in cities across the United States.

When the clock is ticking and innocent lives are at risk, Master Sergeant Rob Walker and his Delta team are the only thing standing between the United States and a terror network determined to detonate dirty bombs in cities across the country.

With a ruthless terrorist mastermind at the helm, one previously thought to be dead, Rob and his team must hurry to identify and stop the source of the bombs before it’s too late.

From the Middle East to the UK, Mexico and the United States, Rob and his team battle through a thrilling hunt. But will they find them in time? Or will many more die in the name of global jihad?

If the heart-pounding action of Brad Thor’s “Spymaster” had you on the edge of your seat, you’ll love “An Imminent Threat.”

“Another brilliant read from John Etterlee!”

“This book has it all – full of edge-of-your-seat action, great characters, and great storytelling.”

“Another exciting Rob Walker thriller. You won’t want to put it down!”

“Another fast paced, nail biter from John Etterlee!”


About the author

Thanks for visiting John Etterlee’s Amazon page! John Etterlee is a retired U.S. Army combat Veteran, thriller and suspense novelist, lover of horses and other animals, and adventurer. Born in Augusta, Georgia, he joined the United States Army in 2001, shortly after the attacks of September 11th, 2001 and served multiple tours overseas before being medically retired in 2013. John’a first wartime experience was when he took part in the Iraq invasion in 2003, spending a few months in the harsh southern Iraq desert before moving closer to Baghdad. His longest deployment was a thirteen-month tour to southeastern Baghdad with 2-30 Infantry, 4th Brigade, 10th Mountain Division from 2007 to 2009. This was by far the toughest. Having been in two IED blasts himself, John’s unit also came under indirect mortar fire, small arms, rocket and RPG fire on a regular basis. John lost a few friends on that deployment.

Although John has always enjoyed writing, it wasn’t until recovering from surgery that he began to take it more seriously. Writing has since become a passion for him, and he loves to share his stories with the world of book lovers. Aside from writing, some of John’s hobbies and interests include traveling, (especially to Europe and the mountains) shooting, horses, learning new languages, meeting new people, and music. As a thriller/suspense novelist and Army Veteran, John likes to use the experiences he gained while serving his country to create compelling and realistic stories that entertain the masses. Writing is utterly addicting to John, and he looks forward to crafting stories that thrill his readers for the foreseeable future. John now lives in North Carolina with his wife Elizabeth, whom he met while stationed at Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington State in 2011, along with a few furry kids. He loves horses, traveling, especially to Europe, the mountains, and meeting new people.


خرید کتاب An imminent Threat

هم اکنون می‌توانید برای خرید کتاب An imminent Threat اثر John Etterlee زبان اصلی از فروشگاه اینترنتی کتاب روز اقدام کنید و در اسرع وقت کتاب را درب منزل خود تحویل بگیرید. همچنین سایر کتاب‌های مورد نیاز شما نیز در بانک کتاب روز قابل سفارش است.

نویسنده/مترجم:John Etterlee
سال چاپ:2024
زبان کتاب:انگلیسی
جلد کتاب:شومیز (جلد نرم)
قطع کتاب:سایز رقعی
رنگ صفحات:چاپ سیاه و سفید
نوع کاغذ:کاغذ تحریر

کتاب روز همواره تلاش نموده با همکاری مشاورین و اساتید بنام شرایط خرید کتاب و امکان مشاوره برای انتخاب بهترین کتاب‌ها را برای شما بازدید کننده محترم فراهم نماید. اگر کتاب خاصی مدنظر شما است که در سایت نتوانستید آن را بیابید به راحتی از طریق شماره‌های دفتر، واتس آپ و یا فرم درخواست کتاب آن را ثبت کنید.

مشخصات کلی
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در این قسمت نمونه صفحاتی از کتاب به صورت فایل pdf برای مقایسه و بررسی بهتر قرار می‌گیرد که می‌توانید از طریق لینک زیر دانلود نمایید. لازم به ذکر است برای حفظ حقوق مولفین و ناشرین عزیز به هیچ عنوان pdf کامل کتاب در این سایت منتشر نخواهد شد. امیدواریم شما بازدید کننده محترم نیز برای احترام به حقوق این عزیزان نسخه اصلی و فیزیکی کتاب که از طریق همین سایت یا سایر فروشندگان معتبر قابل خرید است را تهیه نمایید. با تشکر

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